One year ago, we hosted a hamantaschen party at our house with several families. It was something I had been looking forward to for weeks. Of all the kid baking projects, there are few things as fun as hamantaschen to make or witness in the making. There is delight in the overeager mixing of ingredients, flour and sugar flying out of the bowl and dusting the counter like snow settling amidst a blizzard; the aggressive, steamrolling motion of a rolling pin; pudgy hands, cutting out circles at the far end of a glass, sloppily pinching the edges together into something…

Writer’s note: It’s been one year since we entered lockdown. I wrote this a few months into quarantine but never got around to publishing it. As we’re all reflecting on the year gone by, I thought I’d publish this for posterity. Things have changed so much since then, and not at all.

It’s 7:30 in the morning. Usually, your world by now is a whirl of diapers and milk and laughing-crying-hiccupping-eating-rolling-stomping children. But for whatever reason, the universe is merciful today, and they’re both still asleep.

You recall a friend once describing how she designed a sunroom in her house…

Today, I stopped, breathless, watching the sunlight stream through our streaked windows and catch in my 3-year-old daughter’s halo of frizzed hair. Her legs were splayed to either side as we hemmed and hawed over a brightly stained wooden puzzle on the floor of the playroom while her baby brother slept, finally, in the crib that used to be hers. Later, too, I stopped at the top of the stairs, and the verdant green of a world bursting into springtime. It was the kind of green that is always the archway I walk through at the beginning of any book…

Leah Levy

Journalist, content marketer, essayist, and middle grade fiction writer covering parenting, education, tech, and fantasy.

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